Homes without ductwork should consider a heat pump

I bought an older home that didn’t come with existing ductwork.

At first I looked into having a Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C business install ductwork for me.

The process involves chopping down the walls as well as ceiling of a home. It is messy, invasive as well as easily hard on an older home. In fact, most older houses don’t last long after going through this destructive procedure. I realized I needed to find a heating as well as cooling system that didn’t require ductwork. I looked into the ductless Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C world as well as that is how I found out about a heat pump system. A heat pump is particularly the most efficient heating as well as cooling opening on the market. It takes existing heat energy as well as either pushes or pulls it into the house, depending on the season. It can pull air through coolant to serve as an air conditioner, and using the renewable resource out your front door is cheap, clean, as well as cost-effective. Another benefit is the easy installation. You put in wall mounted air handlers in every room you want heating as well as cooling as well as then one single outdoor air compressor they are hooked to. The designs are sleek, modern, as well as attractive. Heat pumps also require easily little care as well as upkeep. If you have something go wrong with them, it typically isn’t anything majorly luxurious. The high initial asking price is hard to stomach however when you consider that heat pumps have an efficiency rating of 300-500%, then they suddenly pay back that original cost as well as then some. For older households without ductwork, a heat pump is the smartest move you can make.


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