I didn’t treat the blower on my furnace right

The blower on the furnace seems to be a key element. You need to have it regularly oiled so that nothing wears out or is damaged. The blower belt can be worn and you can sustain some injury with use. It is an important, expensive part of the system that must be treated with love. Why am I telling you this? I didn’t treat my blower with respect. I procrastinated and never called for Terrell furnace service. I figured if my furnace turns on, then it is good to go. The most I did was change an air filter. It always turned on so I figured all was well. Then my furnace started making noises when operating. It was a horrible screeching, squeaking sound every time. It was impossible to sleep, work, or exercise with that racket. I then realized that my minor cleaning duties weren’t going to fix it. My furnace never magically fixed itself either. I called the Terrel furnace repair provider and the guy was very upset with the condition of my blower. There were worn parts, frayed belts, and all sorts of debris on it. The damage was extensive, he said. He also told me that I needed to replace the entire blower and the belt attached to it. It was such a hefty repair. I honestly debated on getting a whole new furnace. When you factor in the price tag and what you get, it was a smarter option to replace. I chose repair though since the thought of starting fresh was disheartening.
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