I regret not using my boiler as a hydronic heater

I made the mistake of not getting heated flooring when I first moved into my home; My household had an seasoned boiler system in the basement.

There was already piping hooked up to it as well as everything.

To make matters worse the moment I moved into my home I decided to replace all the flooring. I ripped everything down to the bare studs, added magnet board as well as could have put down piping as well as affixed it to my boiler. Then I would have experienced hydronic heating for my furnace. My hubby convinced me not to. His point was that it does not get chilly in our area. It would have escalated our flooring price as well as the timeframe for installation. He just wanted the project done. So I let him talk me into just doing tile flooring as well as leaving the flooring alone. What do you know? I hate that my floors are constantly so cold. I have tons of throw carpets now due to the chill. I also hate that my boiler system isn’tused to its full potential, then our area is chilly enough that heated flooring would be used most of the year. It is unlucky that in order to get heated flooring you need to rip up your existing floors. After I redid my floors, I sealed my fate for around 15 years. Now I am stuck with chilly tile floors as well as no heated flooring. I actually wish my hubby wouldn’t have talked me out of it. The worst part is that my pal and I did every floor in the household too. So every single room is freezing as well as not what I want. I will be waiting a long time before I get my ideal furnace.

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